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The Care Firm is a premium boutique real estate brokerage designed to serve the entire market.  Our Mission is: To be a pillar of change, support and inspiration to our entire community! To give our individual team members the tools, pathway and guidance to achieve their highest potential. To provide our community with a clear course, seamless process and plan to make all of their real estate goals and dreams possible. To provide a million-dollar experience throughout every interaction, transaction, simply because We CARE.


A brokerage designed by you for you. Each person, real estate agent needs different things, environments to be successful. We design a brokerage around you to achieve your goals, your dreams. Also, allowing you to live your life, by your design. Working much smarter and maybe a little harder on your terms! This is why we CARE!

The CARE Team Agents Enjoy Unique Benefits:

  • ISA (Inside Sales Agent) lead generation
  • Licensed Transaction Coordinator
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Elite Training
  • Industry Leading CRM
  • Leads Provided to You
  • Fun Culture of Success
  • Modern private office space
  • Free photocopying, printing
  • Luxury new office spaces in Tampa on the bay (coming soon)
  • Free signs, lockboxes, marketing materials
Luxury Tampa location, Coming Soon!
  • Luxury Tampa office space coming soon.
  • Bay view on the water, workspaces overlooking the water, inside and outside.
  • Free color unlimited printing! Use it!
  • Free breakfast
  • Free coffee, soda’s, juice, snacks available all day
  • Private office, private and open areas, Conference Rooms
  • 24-hour access with several restaurants within feet of the office.
Outside work area.
Bar and lounge area

What Makes the CARE Team Different?

  • Service, Not Sales
  • We CARE! We are not just Realtors, employees, we give back to our community, and strive for positive change through caring.
  • Client-Centric, Not Agent-Centric
  • Collaborative, Not Competitive, Team effort!
  • Proven Success, Systems, Solutions and Marketing Done for you
  • Lead generation, lead calls, qualified leads, directed to you as the agent.

The CARE Team Lead Process:

  • We drive, nurture the lead process
  • We nurture and qualify the lead
  • We transfer the lead when the lead is ready to buy or list
  • You take over the lead in stages 4 & 5
  • We handle the closing process, and paperwork. Ensuring the client is happy and the closing is smooth. Also, ensuring that you as the agent are in legal compliance.
  • The transaction is closed, and you are paid at closing. We continue to nurture the lead, branding you as their forever agent.

Licensed Experienced Agent, New Agent, Not licensed yet?

This lead process is designed you to work 70% less than the average real estate agent, allowing you to close more transactions and design a work life balance.


Interview Now- A quick and easy 10 Minute Interview

A private interview, self-guided, just you and the computer, answer a few questions and submit! Any questions, or if we can help in anyway, please let us know.